World First – Introducing the Krayon Everywhere that can display Universal Sunrise and Sunset Indications


World first – Krayon, a movement design engineering studio based in Neuchatel, unveils Everywhere, the first mechanical wristwatch to be able to calculate and display the sunrise and sunset times everywhere on the globe. Like many simple, good ideas this is easier said than done. We take a look at this highly impressive mechanical calculator, which also indicates time by hours, minutes and seconds. 

Although quite rare, some watches indicate the sunrise and sunset times (for instance Audemars Piguet with the caliber 2120/2808). However these are usually calibrated according to a given place determined by the watch’s owner. From a technical perspective, these are (relatively) simple. Cams designed in relation with the particular place rotate once a year and allow to display the changing sunrise and sunset times.



The Awristocrat Magazine
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