Watches And Whisky: Glenfiddich 40 + Patek Philippe 5270

Haute Time


Maturity: Glenfiddich, founded in 1887 by William Grant and family-run to this day, is perhaps the most famous of all of Scotland’s single malts and is equally famous for the rarity of its single cask bottling’s. Glenfiddich offer a range of Scotch titled “Rare Collection” that is to whisky connoisseurs, pure indulgent Scotch heaven. This Glenfiddich 40 is handpicked from some of the oldest casks in the world, marrying 40-year-old vattings to craft this unrivalled whisky. Each bottle is individually numbered and wrapped in hand-stitched calf leather. Only 600 bottles are released to the world each year and each one is accompanied by a leather bound book telling its 40-year-old story, with certification hand-signed by our longest-serving craftsmen.



The Awristocrat Magazine
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