VIDEO: 9 classic quotes from that time Antiques Roadshow told a US veteran his Rolex GMT-Master was worth 50 times more than he expected

Time and Tide

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robert august.

Editor’s Note: As a GMT-Master II owner I’m a sucker for stories about any Rolex GMT models. It’s a kinship that’s formed when you buy into a brand, and then a model. In Jungian terms, you form a link that is like a telephone line, and every time you see one, it rings. You notice them on others. You seek stories to add to your own personal mythology. But this video about a watch bought by an American soldier after WWII did not just resonate with me. It speaks to all watch lovers, because it goes well beyond a luxury watch as a status symbol, past transient modern and vintage trends to an almost ‘pre-marketing’ place of authenticity. This guy’s Sarge said buy a Rolex, because they’re great, so he did. He spent a month’s pay on it. Then he bought another one for his dad with another month’s pay. But we’ll let the story tell itself, with a little help from our favourite quotes and some images to bring it all back. You’ve probably seen this already, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy watching it again. 



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