Urwerk UR-210 CP ‘Clou De Paris’ Watch

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Urwerk-UR-210-CP-Clou-De-Paris-aBlogtoWatch-2Whenever we talk about Urwerk, it’s par for the course to say that these spectacular machines have just got to be seen to be believed. The newest release from their mad scientists, the Urwerk UR-210 CP “Clou de Paris,” is no different, with a black and textured visual refresh. Last time, we saw the UR-210 model with its radical satellite hour indicators and horizontal retrograde minute display, it was dressed up in a naked stainless steel edition dubbed “Full Metal Jacket” (hands-on here). This iteration takes the same UR-7.10 caliber with its “activity tracker” (more on that in a second) and rewraps the whole package in a sinister, textured skin that gives the Urwerk UR-210 CP “Clou De Paris” watch a certain biologic personality and lends further credence to the notion that a mechanical watch is a living, breathing thing.



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