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robert august.

‘A Times They Are a Changing!’

Carl Eady waxes lyrical about the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter, marvelling at its blend of watchmaking craft and technological wizardry.

Image of Urwerk EMCTime Hunter


This year marks twenty years since master watchmaker, Felix Baumgartner, and designer, Martin Frei, formed a partnership to challenge the world of watch design under the brand name Urwerk.

Over two decades the duo have delighted watch lovers by producing some of the most unconventional, ingenious and exciting timepieces ever seen. Indeed, their productive relationship has cemented their place amongst the very top tier of independent watchmaking.

The Urwerk EMC range of watches could perhaps be better described as ‘instruments of time’, merely calling them watches seems far too casual a description. Despite being mechanically powered timepieces they are uniquely futuristic in their styling with a constitution suited to the most adverse conditions. Also, being from Urwerk’s ‘U Research’ division, they contain movements that provide a glimpse of how the more progressive watch enthusiast may interact with their timepieces in years to come.



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