Up close and personal – the 2016 Rolex Explorer 214270 vs. the previous 214270, from an owner point of view (and an in-depth history of the Explorer)


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robert august.


Rolex is perhaps one of the few companies in the world that benefits from the unique position to have a catalog full of iconic products. It is a company that is loved with passion and hated with the opposite feelings. It is a company that surpassed brand awareness around the globe. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows Rolex. There are many things that can be said but an undeniable fact is that Rolex produces consistently fine watches that are industry’s benchmarks. From the DateJust and the Day-Date, to the professional watches developed be used as tools for a specific job, like the early Explorers and the Turn-o-graph, which led to the archetypal Submariner, the GMT  Master and the Milgauss and later the Cosmograph (Daytona) and finally the Sea-Dweller and the Explorer II. Every single one a legend in its respective category among other models from competitive brands.



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