Several years ago I watched a romantic film which featured two characters who were former lovers who had agreed to meet once per annum in the same place at the same time. The story showed the path their lives took during the intervening months. However, irrespective of what happened in the months in between, they always had an annual liaison.

I was reminded of this film, when I received the Ulysse Nardin Marine Annual Calendar Chronograph for evaluation. Despite being subjected to various environments throughout a 12 month period, there is one act which always takes place once per annum, namely adjusting the date of the watch.

An annual calendar has the mechanical intellect to know which months contain 30 days and those featuring 31 days. At the end of each month, the date display jumps to ‘1’ and the month display advances. The only exception to this is February when the wearer has to intervene and adjust the date manually. This is the annual liaison between the wearer and the watch.



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