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Benjamin Laukis is a 33 year old international tattoo artist and avid watch collector based in Melbourne, Australia. He specialises in realistic and portrait style tattooing while adding a personal, almost painterly touch to each piece and has gained worldwide recognition in the industry. Spending most of his time between Australia and Europe, horology, traveling, and dressing sharp consume most of his waking hours. In this episode, we have a watch talk with Benjamin. Here is an insight into his watch journey.


Ben is seldom around in Melbourne as he travels the world to meet his clients, so when I learned that he would be returning for a brief stay, I was thrilled. My interactions with Ben had previously been limited to social media, yet that was enough to convince me that he was a gentleman. And sure enough, he was a gentleman through and through when I first met him in person – one with a deep appreciation for watches. If “Kingsman: The Secret Service” had been a movie about watch collecting, he’d probably be cast in place of Colin Firth (sorry, Colin). I would describe Ben’s watch collection as ‘very tasteful and sober’, but rest assured his love for watches is fiery hot. Truly, it was a great pleasure for me to discuss watches with Ben and to delve into his refined collection.



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