The Collector’s Series – Martin talks about his American-made RGM PS-801-E



Martin Gluck is a fascinating gentleman. An army Psychologist and watch collector – he has direct family links to the watch world, as well as a wide ranging collection. His grandfather (after whom he is named), operated the first watchmaker’s supplies business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When his father was 18 years old he went “on the road” as a salesman for his family business. After Martin Gluck Sr.’s death, the brothers split up and his father ran his own watchmakers supply business. Martin can recall playing with unwound main springs as a child, but having no idea what they were! Eventually his father went to work for a national wholesale jewelry corporation. During this time he can remember him wearing a gold Waltham and several Gruen watches. In this interview we discuss his wider interest in watches as well as his stunning RGM. It was a joy discussing watches and their stories – one watch geek to another. 



The Awristocrat Magazine
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