Fratello Watches


Welcome back to #TBT where, this week, we take a look at one of the more likeable watches I’ve picked up over the last year or so: the Wakmann Big Boy Chronograph. Now let’s get something straight, the term “Big Boy” was decided upon by @watchfred and I over a series of communications. Honestly, we had both acquired examples of these pieces over the last year or so and were at once excited by them and puzzled about what to call them. So, we came up with “Big Boy” because, well, the watches are, umm, big and they needed some sort of name other than “diver’s chronograph” or the like. There’s no real common reference for these watches and as I’ve used the word “these”, the term Big Boy actually refers to a family of pieces. So, yes, today’s #TBT will focus on a Wakmann-branded version of this watch, you’ll see and read proof that the term “Big Boy” refers to an alarming number of variants on the theme.



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