Roughly 5 months ago I published a #TBT about a vintage Tissot Navigator. That article was titled „before”. Anyone who read that piece knows exactly why I gave that name to the write-up. The watch I bought was in sorry condition, the crystal was cracked and it was not original, the bezel was damaged, the case was dirty and scratched up and last but not least the movement was rusty and in such a condition that it really was screaming for a restoration. We decided to feature it anyways then have it serviced so we would be able to compare the before and after shots and show you dear reader that even a lost case can turn out to be a success story. As the great roman philosopher Seneca said: „Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” so I really tried to keep this in mind throughout the whole process. I think we succeeded and the result is one stunning vintage Tissot Navigator Yachting brought back to life.



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