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Does size matter is a really controversial topic, even for luxury watches!

But how big is your watch and does it really matter?!?

It could, but the answer actually depends. It depends on your taste, objective and budget.

On this video, I will look at Rolex, AP and Panerai and discuss what my opinion is regarding their sizes. What looks good for men and women. Even though my opinion is based on many years in the watch industry, please keep in mind that, at the end, your personal preference when it comes to large and small watches should prevail!

Rolex Sizes

Starting with the Rolex Day-Date or Presidential, you have the traditional 36 mm, the larger and more modern 41 mm, and the newer Day-Date 40 with a diameter of 40 mm.

You might say, these watch dial sizes only vary in millimeters, but when it comes to the size of watches, 1 mm can make a BIG difference!

My advice when it comes to the size of these watches is that, unless you’re a guy with a very small wrist, avoid the older, more traditional 36-mm and opt for the larger 41 millimeter. If you’re still undecided between the two, go for the 40 millimeter. The 41-mm Day-Date is also more expensive than the 36-mm Presi, so your budget will also play a decisive role in the size equation.

AP Sizes

Even those size does matter, bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to watches.

One good example is when it comes to the Audemars Piguet brand.

For me, even though I love the 44-mm size from AP, it looks a little big on my wrist. That’s because, unlike for Rolex watches, AP watches tend to feel a bit bigger than what the technical specifications state for the watch diameter. As a result, the 42 mm AP looks much better on my wrist than the 44 millimeter model.

Panerai Sizes

I’m not very much into really large watches, like the Panerai Bronzo or the Breitling Bentley, but for the Panerai brand, the opposite of what I described above for AP is true.

The 42-mm Panerai actually looks a bit small on my wrist, whereas the 44 millimeter model looks better. Since one of the great things about Panerai is their larger robust look, I recommend that most guys shy away from the smaller 42-mm. Furthermore, for investment purposes, the 42-mm size Panerai has a terrible resale value. That’s definitely a double whammy!

So, ladies and gentlemen, do you like your watches big or small? Let me know what your opinion by leaving your comment in the comment section of this video!




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