Sartorial Elegance: Vacheron Constantin and Vitale Barberis Canonico



The Swiss watch industry today stands at a crossroad. It finds itself in a moment of critical self-reflection in terms of where its future lies. Because in the last decade it’s benefitted tremendously from the rise of China as a consumer superpower, and in some ways had become accustomed to the Chinese consumer avidly ingesting whatever examples of ticking finery it would produce. For many brands, their boutiques in Kowloon — the first landing point, staging area and ground zero for the mainland Chinese consumer — was on a revenue-per-square-foot basis their best performing in the world. Indeed, to a large extent Swiss watch brands couldn’t keep up with the staggering demand, says one industry insider: “During Golden Week or before Chinese New Year there would be lines outside the door. We would have to get staff to bring more stock in the back of taxis; demand was that crazy.”



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