PURE FUN: We created a fantasy basketball team of celebs who wear a Bulgari Octo so you don’t have to. Gandy, Cooper, Butler, Bana and more…

Time and Tide


Golden State Warriors, you are on notice. If our A-list line up of regular Bulgari Octo wearers decided to, mythically speaking, join forces on a basketball court in their on-screen personas, you’d be done. Crushed. Eliminated. Defused. Skewered. From snipers to Spartan warriors, Moonlight Sonatas (lovely Adrien, just lovely) and devastating good looks, our Octo Octet has every possible scenario covered, on and off the court. Maybe we’ve had too much time on our hands, or spent too long analysing Met Gala wristwear, but we’ve gone ahead and drawn up, not just the Octo’s starting five (with allocated positions), but a pretty hard-hitting bench too. Next step, making this full court press happen. If anybody knows the now retired LeBron, let’s give him the project….



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