OPINION: Yes, we saw Robert Downey Jr’s ‘epic’ collection and yes, we have some pretty intense questions / suggestions. (And not just about the fakes)

Time and Tide


The watch world is all in a tizz with the unveiling of Robert Downey Jr’s ‘epic’ watch collection. Our initial response to the nine watches, captured in the screenshot from the original video by GQ US, is pretty much wow, mixed bag, lotttt of questions. It’s hard to pick a ‘bent’ to his selections, and like most real-life collections, it tells as much of a story about who Robert is and the experiences he’s had as it does anything else. We’ve captured his feelings about each of the pieces in one sentence, and then suggested what else might be nice along similar, or perhaps slightly more exciting, lines. We’ve also highlighted a couple of, um, suspicious signs…



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