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robert august.

Every once in a while we receive the question whether we could live with just one watch, and which watch that would be. You have probably also fantasized yourself of trading (all) the watch in your collection for just one watch.

One Watch Only!

In this article, we take a look at watches that we find interesting in a certain price bandwidth. From an entry-level mechanical Seiko to something ‘haute horlogerie’. Of course, our picks might change over time (or by the week) as new models are being introduced all the time (as in well over a week during BaselWorld 2017). However, if we were going to pick only one watch, chances are quite big that we’d select an iconic model.

That said, only having one watch… That is quite a difficult ‘task’. You need at least a chronograph, a watch with an extra time zone, a diver’s watch (of course, even if the only water you’ll see is either at the sink , shower, rain or in the fridge) and a watch with a battery to make sure everything else is running on time.

On the other hand, I envy that group of people with only one watch as well. Makes life easier and – in fact – aren’t we watch aficionados jealous of the +60 year old guys who have owned their Rolex Submariner (or whatever) since their 20th birthday.



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