Omega Speedmaster Reduced Bargains – The Best Automatic Chronograph Under $2000 + Breitling Unboxing

robert august.

A few months ago I held a poll in the UGWC Facebook group to see what my audience thought the most iconic watch of all time was. It was no surprise that the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moon Watch” was at the number one spot. However, for many, its large 42mm size and manually wound powered movement make it a difficult choice. So what is the second best choice if you are looking for the similar iconic design but in a slightly smaller size, automatic, and at a more affordable price point? The Speedmaster Reduced is there for those very reasons and for a long time has been greatly overlooked as a fantastic chronograph in its own right. Even today you can get it for considerably less on the used market compared to its bigger “professional” sibling. In this video I look at the Japanese market on Ebay that has been flooded with them for many years and at the time of making this video, still is. I conclude with an unboxing of a remarkably elegant Breitling and share some watch related gifts I received from a supporter of the channel.




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