NEWS: Former champion boxer Julio César Chávez Jr not having a good time – loses bout and has Hublot stolen in Las Vegas

Time and Tide

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robert august.

Following in the grand tradition of elite athletes misplacing expensive watches, Mexican former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr has allegedly had his Hublot stolen from his Las Vegas hotel room. Chávez Jr’s wife, Frida, alleges that the unidentified Hublot (and a phone) were stolen from Chávez Jr by women with whom he was partying, and that she was later contacted by the thieves. Vaguely salacious video posted on Daily Mail shows Chávez, seemingly intoxicated, on a bed surrounded by women. Frida Chávez asserts that her husband may have been drugged in order to facilitate the theft. Luck clearly hasn’t been going Chávez’s way recently, having just been resoundingly beaten by 26-year old Canelo Álvarez in 12 rounds.



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