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robert august.

Did you realise that it was 15 years ago that Manfred Brassler introduced his signature watch, the Meistersinger Scrypto 1Z Einzeigeruhr?

Neither did I, and I don’t exactly know how to feel about it. On one hand the Meistersinger single handed watches to me feel like they’ve been here forever. I can’t remember that they didn’t exist. Seen in that light, fifteen years is only a short period to grow a watch which seems to be here for ever.

On the other hand fifteen years is quite a period. Do you know what other things happened 15 years ago? Of course we all remember 9/11, however this is something of such an impact even today that it’s difficult to place it in time. But how about Apple announcing iTunes and releasing the iPod? Microsoft releases Windows XP, and Wikipedia, a free Wiki content encyclopedia, goes on-line. And in Europe it was the last year all countries had their own currency before changing jointly to the Euro (€). That all feels like ages ago to me..



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