MB&F Balthazar: A Hero Story Of No Robot Left Behind

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robert august.

The following is my ‘fan fiction’ account of Melchior and Balthazar.

The date is October 31, 2057, and the little town of Rockwell, Maine is celebrating something special – but what they celebrate is very different to all of the surrounding towns, and every city across America for that matter, as people dress up as ghosts, ghouls, pirates, and princesses in honor of Halloween.

No, Rockwell is celebrating an anniversary of sorts, and this is the big one: 100 years ago something extraordinary happened, an event that changed the town forever.

You see, that was when the town was invaded by the U.S. military and almost wiped off the map by a nuclear warhead. The reason for the nearly all-out war? The military was fighting an iron giant. One hundred years ago this month, a giant mechanical robot appeared out of the sky like a meteorite, causing quite the brouhaha. The resulting scuffle between the military and the gargantuan robot ended with the machine saving the town by sacrificing itself to the nuclear missile intended to destroy it.

Every year since, the town gathers to pay tribute and celebrate the “life” of the great mechanical man. Little did they know that on this 100th anniversary, a new iron giant would arrive, drawn by a distress call sent from that first visitor to Rockwell.

The new robot’s name: Balthazar.



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