Major Breakthrough in Watchmaking with the Zenith Defy Lab

robert august.

Today is definitely a day that will go down in watchmaking history since it has been more than 300 years that the Huygens principles of regulation remained unchallenged and this day has finally come!!! The genius Guy Semon, CEO of the LVMH Science Institute, and his team have been secretly working on a totally disruptive approach to the most important element of any mechanical watches: the regulating organ. This has been achieved through creative thinking and some very clever transfer of technology and the result is a monobloc silicon oscillator beating at 15Hz and super precise. This is will what you will find out in the above video report, as we were privileged to meet this incredible team a few days prior to the official launch and are delighted to share on this very day this massive breakthrough.



The Awristocrat Magazine
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