LIST: 11 classic ’80s watches, just in time for Stranger Things

Time and Tide

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robert august.

The ’80s were Nerd City, peppered with popped polo shirts and pie-crust collars, Slime, The Breakfast Clubpommes noisettes, Pop Rocks candy and brine shrimp pets masquerading as Sea-Monkey kits. All items the young cast of the addictive, nostalgia trip that is Stranger Things no doubt had to get across when their director asked them to watch The Goonies and Stand By Me in pre-production. Against this neon, fad-filled haze emerges the ’80s saving graces – the best pop music in history and watches that either embraced new technology or new money. Here’s 11 (see what we did there) watches we’d be happy to see in season two.



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