Just Because ‘Blanc de Limoges’ Enamel Dials At Vacheron Constantin Geneva


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robert august.

Visiting Vacheron Constantin in Geneva is interesting on a lot of levels, but perhaps the more so when you have unexpected surprises. In the enameling atelier, where hand-decorated enamel dials are made, you can see a wide range of techniques, including champlevé (enamel placed in shallow carvings in a metal surface) cloisonné (the placement of enamel in outlines formed of gold wire) and the very difficult plique-à-jour, in which there is no backing surface, to create an effect like stained glass. The surprise was being able to see prototype dials, using the rare blanc de Limoges technique. These prototype dials were made in order to refine the specific procedures necessary to decorate and fire each individual design.



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