Jaquet Droz Novelties at Baselworld 2016

Jaquet Droz has several facets with its products. At one side, the basics of the catalogues are very pure and architectural watches as the Grande Second for instance. This line comes in 2016 with a practical extension, which is a second time. The mechanical movement integrates a module for the function that was specially developed by Jaquet Droz. Shortly before the fair, it had also introduced the Off-center onyx version, which intrigues because of a twist on the large dial with inclined counters. This model attracts the attention because of the intense deepness of the black color as well as the circles of the metallic scales that seem to be just decorations first. The space available of Grande Seconde dials was also used to create versions with natural stones dials. The result is magnetic thanks to the organic patterns of these rare stones that create small-unexpected frescos on each one. Just let us quote moss agate here.

The development of Jaquet Droz into decorated watches is also clearly visible throughout “pailloné” enamel model, which distinguish them from the tradition for the particular work done in inventing different types of nuances in colours in regard of the traditional. The métiers d’art facet of the brand is going always stronger and that is why, for instance, it presented a small series called “Petite Heure Minute Thousand Year Lights” with a floral animation made using a technique adapted by the brand. Based on the artistic inlay of symbols made out of mother of pearl into furniture mostly in Asian country, motives are created in volume by carving around a disc of mother of pearl. Then black lacquer is added to fill the cavities and reveal the scene. Lastly, Jaquet Droz gained a new clientele with its contemporary automaton watches as the Charming Bird and the Bird Repeater that came now with new artistic dresses.



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