Introducing the Hamtun H1, an affordable titanium dive watch


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robert august.

Since we did one of our first survey’s among you, our readers, we heard that you love our selection of high-end to ultra high-end watches. However you would also like to see an affordable watch from time to time, and we completely understand that. Like with cars, we all love Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Aston Martin and of course Porsche. These super cars are admired by many, and driven by a few. The same goes for watches and while admiring the watch-equivalent of super cars, most of us wear a great daily beater. Yesterday we showed you a new watch brand, named Objest, that is launching through Kickstarter, and today we’re showing you another one. Here’s the Hamtun H1, a very affordable and great looking dive watch!

Hamtun Watches is a new brand created by Ross Davis, a British product developer, and he wanted to create a modern take on the classic dive watch. Their first model, the H1, is a 41mm titanium dive watch, and it has been designed from scratch, so no off the shelf parts. Well, except the mechanical movement, which is the tried and tested Seiko NH35A automatic movement. The Kickstarter campaign was launched yesterday, and the super early bird offerings are already sold out. However the Hamtun H1 is still available for the ‘regular’ Kickstarter price of GBP 190 Pounds, and that’s a very decent price for such a package.



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