Introducing – Farer Automatic Watches – British Design, Swiss Made, Vintage Look, Reasonable Price


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robert august.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant if all the youngsters around would involve progressively in real watchmaking, meaning mechanical watches, if most of them grew as collectors, instead of looking at massive and not-so-distinguished fashion brands watches? Well, we don’t live at “candy land” and things won’t change that fast. However, every collector must have a starting point and when a cool, slightly fashion-oriented brand introduces automatic watches after a first successful collection of Quartz timepieces, it can only bring new, younger people to show interest in mechanical. Here are the Farer Automatic Watches, a combination of British Design, Swiss Made and Vintage Look – a for a reasonable price.

Farer watches started with a first collection of watches, in November 2015. Quite successful, these watches – all quartz unfortunately – were showing a nice, vintage-inspired design, which recalled military and sports watches from the 1960s. Cases were rather small – 39.5mm – details were interesting – nice straps, cool designs for the dials – and the overall look was a combination of traditional codes of vintage watches, together with just a bit of fancy colors on the indexes and the hands. Discreet, elegant, a bit off the beaten track… This was enough to make these watches known and to build a sort of brand image. However, as nice the design was, these watches were still housing a quartz movement. Not for us… yet!



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