Interview: Photographer Steve McCurry Talks About the Challenges of Capturing Vacheron Constantin Overseas Locations

A Timely Perspective

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robert august.

Recently, we announced the second set of six locations that famed photographer Steve McCurry shot for the Vacheron Constantin Overseas adventure. You can see some ofthose amazing images here. We also had the chance to talk with McCurry about the challenges he faced when selecting and shooting the locations.

 Q: What was the biggest challenge you had in this project?

SMC: “The entire project was a challenge, because it was all about human ingenuity and human architecture. As we went through the possible locations, I looked for how people were trying to solve problems with design – such as how to get water from the deep wells of India, or how to heard sheep across vast lands. So the collaboration with Vacheron Constantin was more about humans solving problems. It was a wonderful challenge to go around the world and find examples of this in all the different regions and continents and really get a range of representations from physical designs to spiritual ones. There were thousands of places around the world that we could shoot, but we had to find ones that demonstrated achievement that had a balance of geography, history, and stories to tell. It was not easy.”



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