Independent Swedish Watchmaker GoS Unveils A Damascus Steel Ladies Watch


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robert august.

Independent watchmaker GoS unveiled its first ladies watch and it is gorgeous.  The Sarek Ladies is the first ladies watch with a damascus steel dial, which is the signature element of all GoS watches.  Damascus steel is generally thought of as being raw and unpolished, however, GoS has shown that it is possible to manufacture elegant and exclusive watches from this steel.  Because GoS hand forges its damascus steel in its own Swedish workshops, and the unique elements of the process, every GoS watch is essentially a unique piece.  GoS is able to create an array of stunning colors and patterns for its growing collection of watches.

As for the Sarek Ladies, you can see how lovely this watch is.  Inspired by the Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland (see “Did You Know?” below), the ladies model shares some of the Viking inspired details that were introduced with the men’s Sarek while adding new details such as the strap screws.  The polished stainless steel case is a petite 31.5mm in diameter.



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