Hublot Classic Fusion Womanity


New York, New York, 16th June 2015 – Since 2007, Hublot has supported the Womanity Foundation (formerly the Smiling Children Foundation), an independent private organisation whose mission is to empower women and girls to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities worldwide.

At the iconic Le Cirque restaurant in New York, the Foundation hosted a “Friends of Womanity USA” dinner and conversation on “Why Investing in Women is Important,” with speakers including Alvin Allgood, CEO, Vital Voices, Yann Borgstedt, Founder & Chairman, Womanity, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Director Rockefeller Brothers Fund, as well as Diana Rowan Rockefeller, Founder & Chair Afghan Women Leaders Connect. Marissa Brooks, Senior Marketing Director at Hublot of America attended, as well as friends and supporters of the Foundation.

In honour of the occasion, and to continue its support for the Womanity Foundation, Hublot has created a sophisticated, exclusive limited edition watch featuring a touch of purple – Womanity’s signature colour – as well as a unique bracelet design, inspired by the work of Brazilian graffiti artist Panmela Castro: the Classic Fusion Womanity for Women. The small bracelet carefully takes individual cues from the large fresco painting Castro created live during the Official Closing Party hosted by Hublot at the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, her home, last summer. The painting is dedicated to female freedom and creativity and signed by the King of Football and Hublot Ambassador, Pelé.

Artist activist and Founder of Rede Nami Feminista, an urban art network of female urban artists that addresses gender inequality through public art, graffiti and workshops in Rio, Castro’s social policy work provides the core inspiration for the content of her provocative paintings. Her work challenges patriarchal notions of public space as related to sexism, sexuality, subjectivity and power relations.

“We use art as a peaceful weapon and a cultural transformation tool to fight male chauvinism,” added the young 32 year old woman who was featured on Newsweek’s “150 Women Shaking the World” list in 2012.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, commented, “Womanity perfectly represents the modern woman and the women of today: leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and women who want to make a difference. This is the Hublot Woman! Over the years, since the beginning of our partnership in 2007, we have built a mutually trusting and appreciative relationship with Yann Borgstedt. Today, I am delighted to reinforce our partnership and continue to support equal opportunities for women, as well as their respect and freedom worldwide.”





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