Historical Perspectives Why The Heuer Diver Professional Deserves A Lot More Credit Than It Gets


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robert august.

When it comes to vintage Heuer, it’s the historic chronographs that constantly grab the headlines. I mean, who hasn’t recently read a story about some uber-rare, record-breaking Autavia, Carrera, or Monaco? Yet, there’s one watch that played a critical role in Heuer’s history that remains almost entirely overlooked. Its stunning success was unexpected and came at the best possible time for the company. In Jack Heuer’s own words: “We could not imagine that this model would be the very watch that was to help the company recover.” Surprisingly, this glorious hero was not a chronograph – hell, most of the time it’s powered by a quartz movement. So let’s settle this injustice and look at a relatively obscure diving watch, despite it being a bestseller from 1979 to this very day. This is the Heuer Diver Professional.



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