H. Moser & Cie Introduces The Pioneer Perpetual Calendar – A Steel, Sporty, Entry-Level QP (Review)


In shared thinking, the perpetual calendar has to be, in certain proportions, one of the most classic looking watch. It is widely accepted that the QP is one of the historical complications and for this reason, playing on traditions and century-old heritage, a perpetual calendar is classic. However, not for some brand, who have decided that a QP can be different. Why not? Why not enjoying a sports watch with a complex movement? This is what H. Moser & Cie might have in mind, by introducing the sporty, steel and (sort of) accessible Pioneer Perpetual Calendar.

As our technical editor Xavier demonstrated in his extensive article about calendar watches, the Perpetual Calendar is one of the most complex type of astronomical displays available (an even more complex version, the secular calendar, exists). Indeed, while many watches are displaying indications such as the date (of course), but also the day of the week or the month, a perpetual calendar (or QP, for quantième perpetuel) does all of that and even more. In fact, the complexity of a QP is not in the indications but in the way it manages them. A perpetual calendar takes into account the different lengths of the months on a 4 years cycle. Its intricate mechanism has a mechanical “memory” over 1461 days. In short, no need to adjust the watch at the end of the month, even for February and whether leap year or not. The date will adjust automatically to the right date, for a 100-year cycle.



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