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robert august.

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

The Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Limited Edition SBGE039, with its impressive level of accuracy, is presented in a five part case formed of zirconia ceramic and high-intensity titanium, with an eye-catching blue dial.

Image of Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Limited Edition SBGE039

Sometimes in life we feel an overwhelming desire to escape from the tedium of the daily commute and yearn for adventure. Indeed, we may have the sudden desire to flee to the wild blue yonder, never to return.

The dial of the Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Limited Edition SBGE039 is presented in the deepest shade of blue and implores the wearer to dream of another world, far removed from their own. The blue vista of this watch proves beguiling and, together with the ceramic case, proffers a unique aesthetic unlike no other.

Several of the Black Ceramic Limited Edition models have previously been reviewed on ESCAPEMENT, but this limited edition timepiece is, in my opinion, the most attractive version to date. While some models feature both a GMT and a column-wheel chronograph, this particular Grand Seiko eschews the stopwatch complication.



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