Frédérique Constant Classics Art Of Porcelain With Hand-Made Porcelain Dial For $2,195

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Frédérique Constant is among a handful of brands who have been making a name for themselves by intelligently identifying what many watch enthusiasts around the world want, and then delivering these “must-haves” in very competitively priced packages. Over the years, Frédérique Constant have covered a wide range of these longed-for features, including in-house-made movements and relatively affordable perpetual calendar watches with proprietary movements – and the list goes on, but you get my point. The just released Frédérique Constant Classics Art Of Porcelain, as its name implies, takes a more rare, but no less lust-worthy design element, the porcelain dial, and offers it in a classical, elegant, and relatively affordable watch.



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