Exclusive: Emmanuel Breguet Talks To Us About Heritage And The Future, With Advice For Collectors

Haute Time


Emmanuel Breguet is as polished and refined as they come. Welcoming us to the Breguet Museum in Paris, just above the recently inaugurated boutique at N° 6 Place Vendôme, this 7th generation descendent of the man universally considered to be the greatest watchmaker of all time begins by telling us he did not originally intend to become the custodian of the Breguet heritage. “I was studying the history of technical inventions at Sorbonne University, and it was my Professor who suggested I write a thesis about Breguet inventions. I quickly realized they were not just technical; the aesthetic aspect is equally important. Breguet totally changed the codes of aesthetics on timepieces that at the time were baroque and heavy. He simplified the form, made them more pure, and took away all decorations. Simple and austere, with nevertheless an imaginative touch, he had a great sense of proportion, an artist’s eye, where everything is balanced. It went hand in hand with the technical side: to make thinner, more aesthetic timepieces, he needed to make smaller movements.”



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