Emmanuel Bouchet and the Complication One at Baselworld 2016

We followed Emmanuel Bouchet’s development of the Complication One since the very start when the watch was just an idea. We had seen early stages of the first prototypes, but now the watch is a reality and what better then Baselworld to introduce this complex and unique timepiece. His very innovative reinterpretation of the escapement with a double escape wheel visible on the front side of the watch highlight its role as a time distribution mechanism.

The finishing of this timepiece is really exceptional and the overall design of the watch is original and elegant. One of the particularity of the watch is how you read the time on the various sapphire disks that are like floating above the dial; one disk at 12 o’clock for the seconds, hours indicated at 7 o’clock and minutes at 4 o’clock. But the minutes hides some more complexity with one hand for the “tens” of minutes and another hand for the minutes themselves.



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