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A Fastidious Eye for Detail

The DuBois et fils DBF005 is a chronograph featuring a large date display. Angus Davies gets ‘hands-on’ with this timepiece which shows an almost obsessive attention to detail.

DuBois et fils DBF005


A friend of mine is fastidious about cleaning his cherished roadster. He has amassed an array of cleaning products for every known aspect of car valeting. He derives great pleasure from painstakingly removing each minute speck of soiling from his car’s bodywork, eager to re-establish its factory-fresh appearance. One example of his obsessive eye for detail is a vacuum device used to remove traces of water from the car’s bodywork post washing. Indeed, no detail is too small for my car-obsessed pal.

DuBois et fils DBF005


Thomas Steinemann, the owner of DuBois et fils, is equally obsessive about details when it comes to creating watches. This is manifest with his latest collection of timepieces, the DBF 005 series. Examining the DBF 005 reveals an amazing attention to detail. Indeed, such is the overwhelming admiration I have for this watch that I feel compelled to share my observations with ESCAPEMENT readers.

The dial

Typical of all DuBois et fils watches, the DBF 005 series comprises of an array of limited edition models. In this instance, there are five variants available with dials presented in a choice of black, white, brown, blue and green



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