The devil is in the details… of the dial (case study with the Patek Philippe 5496P-015)


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robert august.

You see, here at Monochrome-Watches, we always praise the complexity of movements, we always emphasize on the amount of work done by watchmakers to assemble complications or to achieve a perfectly polished bevel, to finish an internal angle or to obtain black polishing – we even did a technical guide about it. We also look at “métiers d’art” – engraving, enameling, micro-painting. However, there’s one thing we tend to neglect and that is actually much more important than we think: the dial. Yes, a dial can be very simple – most of them are actually painted plates with numerals and track printed. However, some dials can be proper demonstrations of art, showing microscopic elements finished with extreme care. People say that the devil is in the details… In the case of the Patek Philippe 5496P-015, the devil is clearly in the dial.



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