IN-DEPTH: My month-long affair with the Apple Watch Edition Series 2

Time and Tide

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robert august.

Mechanical watches are very important to me. Not only are they the way I earn my living, they’re also a real passion. So it was with a sense of very real unease that I prepared for this review. Not because I have a fundamental aversion to quartz, connected or smart devices, but because I was concerned, deep down, that what the Apple Watch offered might be more compelling to me than the bridges and barrels I love so much. You see, while I’ve been a ‘watch guy’ for the past decade or so, I’ve been an ‘apple guy’ for far, far longer. I learnt to type in ClarisWorks, to create in Paint. And later, the covetable objects of my teenage years were iPods, iBooks and (later) iPhones. I’m typing this right now on an iPad, surrounded by a sum total of five Apple screens, so it’s fair to say I’ve drunk deep from the Cupertino Kool-Aid. And if any smart watch can win me over, it’s likely to be the Apple Watch.



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