Competition Spurs Creativity: Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph Rally Timer Counter Limited Edition 100

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robert august.

What would you say is mankind’s greatest facilitator for exploration and innovation?

Curiosity? Ingenuity?

Perhaps you might argue that cooperation is what has allowed our species to achieve so much success.

While I can’t deny the profound impact those traits have had on mankind’s progress, I would propose that what has really pushed us over the brink of discovery so many times is something a bit more primal: competition.

Competition is what has pushed humanity to the far reaches of the solar system, the depths of the seas, and the edges of human ability and beyond. Humans enjoy many technological advances not simply because clever people thought of ways to make something possible, but because there are usually multiple clever people racing to solve a problem, reaching a new milestone, or being the first to invent a life-changing technology.

For example, the United States didn’t land on the moon because it had the best scientists working for the greater good of humanity; we landed on the moon because we were in an apparent life-or-death race with an international rival.

We couldn’t have done



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