Comparative Review – 3 affordable & vintage-inspired dive watches from Tudor, Oris & Longines (live pics & price)



Returning visitors of Monochrome are certainly aware of our speciality: reviews of watches. We believe that reviews are essential in the process of buying a new watch, or any luxury item for that matter. Of course, we encourage you profoundly to test the watch yourself… however that will most likely be in the luxurious ‘ambiance’ of a retailer, and for a short (very short) period of time. In our reviews we share with you our long-term experience, since we test/wear review watches for a longer period. Testing a watch alone is good, however we’d like to give you even better advice. So recently we started with a comparative review, which included 3 watches with a same complication: the worldtimer. Here is another of these reviews – and today, we have 3 dive watches, all vintage-inspired and all reasonably priced: the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue, the Oris Divers Sixty Five and the Longines Legend Diver. Let’s see which offers the best quality / price / pleasure ratio.



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