Christopher Ward C9 DB4 ‘1 VEV’ Watch

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robert august.

With the release of the Christopher Ward C9 DB4 ‘1 VEV’, we see a piece the brand claims “pays homage” to one of the most iconic and beloved designs in all of British motoring history, the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato. As true fans of the car’s history know, this is a tall order for any watch manufacturer to undertake. Does it achieve any of the legendary design status of the DB4? Let us take a look at what Christopher Ward cooked up for us to find out.

In what seems like a never-ending stream of automobile and watch manufacturer partnerships, there are some products that truly wow and some that just skim by under the radar for most aficionados. Oftentimes, car companies hold more leverage in the transaction and there are plenty of watch companies that attempt to grab onto the prestige if only to heighten their own public perception. Either way, when two design philosophies can create something in harmony that pleases fans of both, then can be a thing of beauty. At worst, it is a forced affiliation and nobody really comes out any better for it. In the case of the Christopher Ward C9 DB4 ‘1 VEV’ watch, we are talking about more of a watchmaker’s “tribute” to an well-known car than an actual partnership between brands.



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