Bricks And Clicks, Bricks Or Clicks, Just Clicks? There’s A Watch Retail Tsunami Coming, But How, What, When . . . And Why?

Quill and Pad

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robert august.

Watch brands, retailers, distributors, and collectors alike have known for at least a decade that the internet will revolutionize watch retailing just as it has already revolutionized books (Amazon), music (Apple iTunes), television and films (Netflix), travel (TripAdvisor), and so much else.

And while collectors have been hoping and praying that the revolution comes sooner rather than later, leading to better value for money (and perhaps a better buying experience in general), brands, retailers, and distributors have basically crossed their collective fingers, squealed ineffectually about the grey market that they created and continue to nourish, and with a few exceptions just hoped for the best.

Look how that turned out for the music industry.



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