Bovet 1822 Presents the Ottantasei with Pininfarina

When it comes to design, we think more of Bovet 1822 for its classic and traditional approach on watchmaking, putting fine craftsmanship such as micro painting and special enamels on the fore front. Never the less, the brand doesn’t stop there and with the strong collaboration they enjoy with famous Italian design studio Pininfarina, we have seen the result of this with some very modern inspired watches over the years.

Their collaboration has evolved with time and the presentation of the OttanSei represents a serious milestone, something really new for both of them. This extreme skeletonized timepiece features some iconic Bovet features such as a flying tourbillon, but one the main achievement resides in an extraordinary power reserve of 10 days obtained with one single barrel. But again, the wearer has been put in priority as he will now have to wind his watch for minutes before enjoying this extra long power reserve. A very clever patented differential system multiplies the winding mechanism and you can really see the power reserve indicator placed opposite the hour-minute dial at 10 o’clock increase at each winding movement.

This watch comes with three finishing, a red gold and two titanium version (one grey and one black DLC) and is limited to 86 timepieces per version.



The Awristocrat Magazine
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