The Best Entry Level Rolex Watches – 4 Classy Options To Last A Lifetime – $2000 to $4000 (WWT#85)

In today’s WWT episode (wristwatch talk) I am joined by the right honourable and fellow Explorer brother GCR (Giancarlo). We talk Rolex and have a closer look at 4 extremely classy Rolex watches from his own collection. When it comes to buying luxury watches, Rolex is very hard to beat. Undeniable universal recognition, outstanding quality, value retention, iconic in design, and a rich heritage of innovation only a few can compare to. However, for many, this legendary world changing brand may seem unaffordable or beyond most people’s budgets. Today I take a look at 4 lines of Rolex that are attainable from $2000 to $4000 on the used market, and even a few new pieces too! In this video we take a look at a few excellent examples including the DateJust (Ref. 16030), an AirKing (Ref. 5500), an OysterDate (Ref. 6694) and of course my very own Explorer (Ref. 114270).




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