A Technical Perspective – The Sound of Time – An introduction to alarm, hour-strike, repeater, musical and other chiming watches



“You wish to see; listen. Hearing is a step towards vision” Bernard de Clairvaux

The word clock comes from Middle Dutch clocke, itself deriving from late Latin clocca, meaning bell. The first mechanical clocks did not have faces but were solely striking timekeepers. The days were divided considering the chime of these bells, as mechanized timekeeping spread through Medieval Europe, during the 14th century. As timepieces became portable, the watch was born, at first carried in the pocket, then strapped to the wrist. The French word for watch montre also means “to show”. Our watches show the time on their dial. But beyond the regular tick-tock orchestrating their sophisticated mechanisms, some watches still make time audible. In this new installment of A Technical Perspective, we’re going to look at alarm, hour-strike, repeater, musical and other chiming watches, in other words, The Sound of Time.



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