5 Cool Finds – 5 Luxury Watches that look good, in every situation, everywhere…


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robert august.

The “5 Cool Finds” are back, however with a few changes… the biggest one being is that we changed to a new, more reliable partner whom we have a profound trust in: Chronext. We already explained to you all about this London-based online marketplace for buying, selling, and servicing of luxury watches – and here, online goes together with the same security and service as any high-end boutique (for more details – and the possibility to win a 2016 Rolex Explorer – please look here). What about the “5 Cool Finds”? Simple: 5 watches, not new, not vintage, most of the time young-timers (that we believe are the new trend) that we selected for you. Today, we went for the efficient selection: 5 luxury to high-end used watches that will look good now, in 10 years, during weekend of for business and that don’t scream their ‘luxury price’ – so-to-say, classics.



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