4 Tips for Successfully Buying New Old Stock Watches


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robert august.

If you have looked at watch auctions or ever shopped luxury watches online, you may have come across so-called “NOS” Watches; an abbreviation for new old stock watches. Today we’re going to learn what that term means specifically, as well as a few tips and tricks that can help ensure you get the most out of your purchases.

So what does the phrase new old stock watches indicate? Generally, it refers to watches which were manufactured in the past but are not currently produced, and which have never been worn for a significant period of time. Sometimes, these watches will come from reserve stock that a retailer has held on to, or when watch sellers liquidate inventory or clear out stockrooms and warehouse space.

Now that we understand what new old stock watches are, we’re going to learn some tips that can help you successfully find the best deals in NOS and vintage watches:



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